{[Guess my anon disappeared. Which I will do as well. Leave me things! <3]}

The first 5 people to put “I WANT YOU TO BEG!” in my inbox get to torment my muse!

1st person gets to tie my muse down and do whatever they like with them.

2nd person gets to torture the fuck out of my muse in anyway they please.

3rd person gets to break my muse’s heart. Completely devastate them!

4th person has something my muse wants but won’t allow them to have it until they do everything your muse commands.

5th person gets to get my muse hot an bothered and leave them wanting more.

Anonymous asked: "Perhaps I'll reveal myself... In time. I'd kill for a gal pal like you."

Lets be pals then!

Anonymous asked: "Care to elaborate?"

Knowing who you are would allow me to get to know you better, maybe find a way for me to help you a little bit more than usual. I can’t be the person doing it, but I can try a bit more.

Anonymous asked: "Well, this is disappointing..."

My sincerest apologies Mr. anon. Maybe if I knew who you were, I’d be able to help more…

Anonymous asked: "It would be comforting to do with you, you're gentle, caring. And obviously have experience of the situation."

I might be around when it was happening, but I would not get involved. That process is between the person changing them and the person being changed.image

Anonymous asked: "I'm sure Poison could lend a hand!"

That is up to Poison if she’d like to do that to another male. If you want that to happen to you, I do encourage you to explore it though!